Published: December 2016

The curse of premonition follows Faye Lithyer, forcing her to witness death—over and over again. 

When Faye moves in with her grandmother in Astoria, Oregon, her visions grow stronger. Faye watches a new friend fall victim to a murder in the not-so-distant future and becomes obsessed with preventing it from happening. However, Faye's insecurity has her undecided whether she should tell her friend about their impending death or hunt down the murderer before it's too late. 

Faye will be faced with an epic choice that threatens to expose her abilities. Will she choose to save her friend from a monster or risk becoming one herself?



Release Date: July 2018

Pucker up for KISSED!

Kisses can be innocent, playful, or just to comfort. Some are for luck and others have the promise of sweeter ones to come. These eight hand-picked stories are brimming with romance, and they all begin and end with a kiss.

Love knows no boundaries here.











"Just Like the Movies"

Brianna Crayn is the soccer-playing art enthusiast most students avoid, which is fine by her. Known for her snarky attitude and academic focus, Brianna prefers spending time with her dog instead of making new friends. Dating isn’t even on the map until Brianna gets twisted up in someone else’s breakup and is forced into the spotlight.

Now she's stuck in a sticky situation while her best friend roots for an epic happily-ever-after ending that Brianna would sooner fail her classes than let happen. 


Release Date: July 2018