#AmWriting: Defeating Writer's Block

We’ve all had it happen to us. One moment we are thriving on imagination, running on creative fuel, and our fingertips rush to keep up with our story. Next, we are struggling to formulate a fitting sentence, unable to find that deep-rooted connection that gives our story life and makes us feel like we’re one with our characters. So, how do we fight this? How do we rediscover our imagination and defeat writer’s block?

Take A Step Back

In my experience with writer’s block, sometimes the best way to rediscover your creative process is to step back from your writing. Go out and socialize, open your mind to new thoughts and ideas by conversing with people. Explore your neighbourhood. Be in-tune with your present life and everything that’s going on in the lives of those around you. Don’t just focus on you. A burst of inspiration can come from anywhere, anytime. By stepping back from you and your writing, you open yourself up to new things — experiences, emotions, lifestyle choices (details!) that you may NEED for your story to continue and evolve. Absorb it all, then jump back into writing!

Read Read Read

Now, I’m not talking about speed-reading through books — even if you’re a fast reader. Slow down as you read and pay attention to the story’s details, the way the author formulates their sentences and the words they choose. Read the work of an author you admire or change it up by reading an author that writes differently than you do. You may discover something from their storytelling that inspires you.

Dive Back In

Sometimes it’s a matter of pushing forward, even if the chapter you end up with is not something you’re proud of. It could be something you know you’ll need to rewrite later, but it may be what you need to get your creative juices flowing for the chapters to come!

It sounds easy, doesn’t it? Just try one of these to defeat writer’s block and you’ll be fine! That’s not exactly true. These tactics may assist you in your battle against dreaded writer’s block, but they will not be the entire solution. Eventually, your mindset on writing will need to change. Perhaps, you’ve been writing too much in a short amount of time without giving yourself a moment to recharge. Or you haven’t written in a while and have gotten used to it. There isn’t always a quick solution.

In the past, each of these tips have helped me push forward in my writing. Sometimes it’s been a combination of them that gets me out of a writing funk. There are MANY tactics to try when it comes to taking on writer’s block and rediscovering your imagination. One of these might work for you or maybe none will. You won’t know until you give them a shot.

Whatever happens, don’t let writer’s block prevent you from doing what you love. Find a way to keep going and continue writing, friends!

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