Christine Rees Gives Back To Readers - Win A Gift Card!

Author Christine Rees (Hi! That’s me!) wants to give back to readers who have made her literary dreams come true. Every 3 months - March, June, September, and December - Christine will be drawing a reader at random who will win a $20 gift card for Indigo/Chapters, Barnes & Noble, OR Amazon (winner’s choice). Yes, that means a winner will be drawn at the end of March!


How does Christine know which readers are interested in entering her draw? Super easy! She chooses from her list of newsletter subscribers. So if you want a chance to win, simply fill out the form below:

Don’t worry. Christine (Hi! That’s me again!) doesn’t bombard subscribers with daily newsletters. Nope. She only sends ONE newsletter every two weeks with tidbits about reading, updates on The Hidden Legacy, and writing tips. I suppose if you wanted to ignore the newsletters and simply sign up for a chance to win, you could do that. But newsletter opens are appreciated… I mean, I put a LITTLE effort into them.


Side Note: What’s up with all of these The Princess Diaries GIFS? Um, because Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway are forever queens in my mind and I read a lot of books by Meg Cabot (the author of The Princess Diaries). Not to mention, I’m rereading the series… so, yeah. Not that obsessed. Clearly.


This giveaway is in no way affiliated with Indigo/Chapters, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or Meg Cabot—even though I admire you a whole bunch Meg. This giveaway is an opportunity for me to give back to YOU my incredible readers, friends, family, obligated support personnel (which, yes, includes my pets), and anyone who enjoys reading in general.

If you fit into one of these categories and you want a chance to win a free gift card, then this is the place for you. What are you waiting for? There’s only a few weeks left before the next draw happens at the end of the month!