How To Create The Ultimate Writing Space

So you’re ready to get started writing that book you’ve been thinking about for ages? That’s fantastic! But where will you begin this writing adventure? Creating the right writing space is just as important as getting those creative ideas flowing since a lot of the time the two go hand-in-hand.

How can you create the ultimate writing space?

Designate a Spot


Find a location in the house that works for you! Famous authors such as Virginia Woolf turned outdoor wooden sheds and garden cottages into their own private writing retreats. Brilliant, huh? Now, you don’t need to go that far, but find a place in the house where you can set up shop for a few hours each day.

Natural Light


It’s best if this spot has plenty of natural light, so look for something under a skylight or beside a window. It’s been proven that natural light increases our body’s production of Vitamin D and this sort of exposure leads us to feel happier, so we get more work done with better focus.

Think Green


Research indicates that green might be the colour for creativity. So, if you’re thinking of adding some items and bright, vibrant colours to that space of yours, why not try the colour green? Get those inspiring gears turning!

Fill Your Space With Inspiration


What drives you to do what you do? Hang up inspirational quotes from people you admire or try a dream board! Whatever you need to keep you going. Every time you see that image or read that quote, you’ll feel a spark of inspiration.

Keep It Clean


This area should be free of clutter! Organization may sound like an easy feat but (if you’re a bit disorganized like me) that beautiful writing haven can quickly become a procrastination location. You’ll feel the need to do everything except writing. You may even feel the urge to clean it up instead of doing work. So, save yourself from dealing with that later and keep that writing space clean!

The ultimate writing space doesn’t require a lot of effort. You simply need to be in the right mindset to create it!